Preschool and Kindergarten: Download app: Helpful audio narrating with proper phonetics, colorful graphics and easy navigation will help your child easily learn letters, spelling, math, and more!  Designed using real world preschool and kindergarten curricula and uses common core State standards. The intellectual development of a child can be stimulated right from birth. Right from […]


Slate for Kids Download App: Your phone can now be easily converted to an on-the-move Slate.  Yes, a Slate for kids. All children start writing by scribbling, an activity most toddlers enjoy. As soon as your child is old enough to scribble (as early as a 2 year old) you must offer them this “Slate […]

Kid’s Fun

Kid’s Fun and Learn Download App: Kid’s Fun and Learn essentially what the name says it is. Kids Fun and Learn‘s has fun filled rich content like English, Things around you, Hindi, Mathematics, Grammar & General Knowledge with introduction of new feature of phonetics for easy understanding. Kids Fun and Learn doesn’t have the serious […]


Mathematics: Tables, Formulas, Squares and Cubes To download: It is said that Multiplication Tables, square, cube are the base of Mathematics. We tried our best to give an easy handy tool for primary school kids with simple and easy navigation. This App will help to make the Kid’s life easier as they enjoy to […]