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Your phone can now be easily converted to an on-the-move Slate.  Yes, a Slate for kids. All children start writing by scribbling, an activity most toddlers enjoy. As soon as your child is old enough to scribble (as early as a 2 year old) you must offer them this “Slate for Kids” and let him or her enjoy, experiment and learn.  Slate for kids helps to encourage kids to translate their imagination on to the slate.
Now, you can see yours kid’s imagination and be part of their fun world through Slate for Kids.
Nursery and Preschool kids will love slate as it helps them to practice English Alphabets or A-Z using 4 line tracing, Hindi alphabets using 3 line tracing. Tracing 1-50 numbers, draw shapes and color cartoons and many more exciting things to do on this Slate for kids.
Slate for Kids is second in line after initial success of Kid’s fun and Learn, Preschool and Kindergarten. There was demand for more features and platform for kids to practice Alphabets. Understanding horizontal, vertical and slant lines. start scribbling using different colors with multiple sizes of pencils and brushes. Alphabets/ABC or A-Z with tracing on dotted lines will help improve kid’s handwriting. 4 line Tracing for Alphabets/ABC provides better understanding and help learning ABC. Tracing Alphabets on 4 lines not only gives understanding of capital and small alphabet letters but also improves the lining and curves in right manner.
Slate for Kids has a three lines tracing for Hindi alphabets. Hindi alphabets also has got Vowels and Consonants. Practicing Hindi alphabets on dotted lines help kids or primary kids understand words and curves used in Hindi alphabets. Regular practice on three lines tracing help them understand and learn the alphabets.
Slate for kids has got numbers tracing from 1-50 or one to fifty in dotted lines tracing. number practice and counting the numbers can help nursery and preschool kids in future.
Coloring the cartoons gives knowledge of colors to preschool kids. Helps to improve concentration as well.
Toddlers, nursery kids, preschool kids can scribble, draw lines, curves, cartoon drawing and coloring help them understand use of pencil, colors and eraser.
There are many pictures of cartoons in Slate for Kids which can help the kids to understand and learn to color using different color and imaginations.
Tic-Tac-Toe  is not only fun for kids but even elders can enjoy it on Slate for kids.
Now, kids or parents are can share theirs creativity with friends and relatives using share option.
Share option is new features introduced to encourage the kids to share their work others
Advantage of this app is it doesn’t requires internet connection and once downloaded it can be used anytime anywhere.

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