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Kid’s Fun and Learn
essentially what the name says it is. Kids Fun and Learn‘s has fun filled rich content like English, Things around you, Hindi, Mathematics, Grammar & General Knowledge with introduction of new feature of phonetics for easy understanding.

Kids Fun and Learn doesn’t have the serious looks of books but it does have some entertaining way to make children to study.  The interface of Kid’s Fun and Learn is simple with better navigation which makes learning for toddlers/nursery/preschool to primary school kids. Kid’s Fun and Learn has content of rich Grammar section. Kid’s Fun and Learn is handy tool or easy guide for parents to make their child understand and learn. Kids Fun and Learn has also got in-built slate for practicing and playing.
For Preschool or toddlers, topics covered in Kids Fun and Learn:
Kindergarten kids can learn Alphabets, Days of the week, Months of the Year, Number Counting, Addition, Subtraction, Tables, Squares, Understanding Clock, Ascending and Descending Order.
Nursery Kids can learn Colors, Shapes, Knowing Plants, Knowing Flowers, Knowing Animals, Knowing sea animals

Understanding about Signals.

Separate section of “Things Around You” with phonetics. Proper Audio with visuals helps for better understanding of nursery kids.
– Human Body Parts
– Organs and Other things
– Type of colors
– Know the Fruits
– Know the Flowers
– Know the Birds
– Know the Animals
– Know the vehicles
– Know the vegetables
– Know the Sea Animals
– Who help us
Updated version of Slate with learning features like:
– Learning through different pencil size, colors and different sizes of eraser
– Practice English Alphabets with four line tracing
– Try A-Z in capital and small on four line tracing
– Playing Tic-Tac -Toe
– Understanding Shapes
– Coloring the simple pictures with different colors
For Primary School, topics covered in Kids Fun and Learn:
Grammar from School Syllabus
Learning Basic Hindi
General Knowledge from Social science
For Kids of age group (2-4),  For nursery or Kindergarten kids there is voice over feature to understand Alphabets with pictures, Days of the week, Month of the Year. Number Knowledge and basic counting of numbers. Alphabets or A-Z or ABC has got phonics. Phonics for Alphabets will be useful for improving the pronunciation of kids and will help learning ABC very fast. There is a phonic for Days of the week and Months of the year as well.
Practicing Tables daily with our voice will help build kid’s basics for mathematics.  Daily practicing with audio of math Table and square help memorizing tables and squares.  Learning 1-100 numbers with proper audio phonics help understand numbers.
 Grammar section helps improve the understanding of Grammar for vernacular medium students.
Kid’s fun and learn helps kids in following ways:
Learning Alphabets, Learning A-Z, Understanding Alphabets, Understanding A-Z
Learning Clock, Understanding Clock
Counting Numbers, Counting 1-100, Voice over for counting 1-100
Knowing Animals, understanding Animals, learning about Animals with picture
Knowing Birds, understanding Birds, learning about Birds with picture
Knowing fruits, understanding fruits, learning about fruits with picture
Learning days of the week for kids, understanding days of the week
Learning Months of the year for kids, understanding Months of the year
Learning Hindi Alphabets for kids, understanding Hindi alphabets for kids
Kid’s Fun and Learn is very useful FREE learning online Android App with lots of fun and educational activities for toddlers, nursery kids, preschool to primary kids.

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