Mathematics: Tables, Formulas, Squares and Cubes
It is said that Multiplication Tables, square, cube are the base of Mathematics. We tried our best to give an easy handy tool for primary school kids with simple and easy navigation.
This App will help to make the Kid’s life easier as they enjoy to learn the tables.
Multiplication tables are from 1 to 30 with inbuilt audio feature. Speaking or repeating Multiplication table with proper phonetics helps kids to learn and enjoy calculations very fast.
Multiplication Tables, Formulas, Square tables and Cube tables help primary school kids or students in improving the fundamentals of mathematics
Formula section is very useful to understand as they enjoy learning:
•         Area of Square, Rectangle, Circle and Triangle
•         Volume of cube, Rectangular Prism, Cylinder, cone and Ellipsoid
•         Surface Area of Rectangular Prism, Sphere and Cylinder
•         Definitions related to circles
•         Perimeter of Square, Rectangle, Triangle, Circle.
This Android Application of Mathematics: tables, Formulas, square and cube is free to use. It will definitely develop an ability to memorize tables, squares and cube with his unique Audio features. Better Phonetics will help Kids to understand and solve mathematics problems very fast. In maths Squares and cubes of Numbers are important for quickly resolving complex problem with ease.  Multiplication Tables, Formulas, Square tables and Cube tables App is specifically designed for primary kids. Kids mathematics App can be used anytime, anywhere and on daily basis.

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